Cupcakes and more Cupcakes and more Circus themed Cupcakes 58823227 Wedding cupcake tower Cupcake towers are all the rage these days especially for Weddings. The topper is a foot tall sculpted Wine bottle Cake (Also featured in the Cakes album on this site) 200 cupcakes with grapes piped on them. 104780038 Thomas Cupcake Tower Cupcake tower with a small top cake to serve 10 people and 40 cupcakes. Cupcakes have edible 3D and 2D Thomas, James and Percy engines. Everything edible. Cupcake stand is custom made by me too. 154120280 Close-up of the tower 154120281 Thomas cupcakes- a close-up 154120302 Edible fondant cupcake toppers 154091099 Wedding tower A main cake with 74 mini cakes 191041349 202584096 Dessert table for a carnival themed birthday 164083332 Carnival cupcakes 164082963 Carnival desserts 164082965 Doctor themed cupcakes 192745884 Mickey and minnie themed cupcakes 196848254 Car Cupcakes Cupcakes topped Fondant cars- all edible. 60766276 Car Cupcakes Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. Topped with hand made fondant edible cars 60766277 Hello Kitty Cake with smash cake and cupcakes 186501861 Grapes cupcake All buttercream 101898922 Flower cupcakes Tinkerbell themed cake with flower cupcakes. 138473691 Elmo cupcakes Elmo cupcakes to match the Elmo cake in my Gallery :) 153600992 Cupcakes for a giraffe themed baby shower 171363466