Children's cakes Children's cakes Little mermaid themed cake All complete with sparkle and flowers :) Serves 30 people.. 163925758 A cake as pretty as the birthday princess A cake for a little princess who turned 3. Handmade edible gum paste tiara. 152615602 Castle themed Cake For a little prince turning one...Serves 50 people. 167177260 Topsy turvy Minnie Mouse Cake Its Minnie and she's topsy turvy! Need I say more? :) 175942953 Frozen themed birthday cake 195832905 For an adorable 2 yr old who loves balls :) 187581334 Hello Kitty Castle I had been dying to do a castle cake till now :) This one serves 25 people.. 155583147 Carnival themed birthday Serves a 100 people 163925759 Mickey Mouse themed Cake Hiya Pals :) 177134710 Vintage Princess themed birthday Cake Cake for a sweet client who specifically wanted roses, tiara, damask, bow and achanel logo... This is how I was able to fit all in :) 156675779 Topsy turvy Prince themed Cake Serves 80 people. Gumpaste crown 178603082 Topsy Turvy giftboxes Cake Serves 50-55 people. Gumpaste Tiara 171663223 A girly Mickey clubhouse cake 197507996 Sophia the first :) 197963652 Princess themed cake for 100 people 190473081 Little Mermaid Cake A bigger version of the little Mermaid cake. Serves 80 people..The inset shows the matching smash cake 176657464 For a Prince themed birthday 199573505 Disney Princesses cake I have always wanted to do a cake that incorporated the Disney princesses. So I was very happy when the opportunity came. The client left the design to me and this is what I came up with. This serves a 100 people. The cake was all shiny and sparkly but unfortunately the camera didn't capture it. 156132678 A close up of the shiny tiers To prove that the cake was shiny ;) 156132679 Candyland themed birthday 196474154 Topsy turvy candyland cake Serves 40-45 people. All gumpaste candies. 179509736 Toy story themed cake to serve 50 people 191881522 The ever popular minnie again 190473080 Hello Kitty Castle Cake Serves 40 people. 179227848 Topsy turvy Candyland themed birthday Cake Candyland themed topsy turvy cake for a first birthday. Serves 60 people 65306711 Smash Cake Buttercream smash cake to go with the candyland themed Cake 65306710 Tinkerbell themed birthday Cake Serves a 100 people. Everything edible except for tinkerbell. 138473442 Birthday clock for a 4 year old :) For an adorable girl turning 4 with all her favorite things. Serves 20-25 people. 169023436 Minnie Mouse birthday A birthday cake for an adorable 3 year old.. Serves 80 people. 161468670 Pillow cake for the birthday princess Serves 40 people. Edible gumpaste tiara with edible shimmer all over the cake.. 174666811 Cars themed Birthday Cake 5th birthday cake- Fondant edible cars Serves 30 people 60766433 Cinderella Themed cake Serves 50 people..Edible gumpaste shoe 185786770 Hello Kitty Cake 186501813 Fairy themed Cake For a little Fairy turning 1. Serves 25 people 176691381 Mickey Mouse Cake Hiya Pals :) Mickey cake serving 55-60 people. 174728954 Hello Kitty Cake This was done to match the birthday decorations and plates 171363721 Elmo's world! A colorful elmo cake for an adorable girl turning two! 153601131 Its the Mickey Mouse club house! Come inside, its fun inside!! Serves 65 people. 125115611 The ever popular minnie again! This time in pink and 2 tiered :) Serves 50 people 167645917 Birthday Cake 1st Birthday Cake. 3 tiered. Serves 60-65 people. 58198546 An adorable cake for an adorable 2 yr old Serves about 30,35 people 174666809 Topsy Turvy Car Cake Topsy turvy Car themed Cake.Serves 60 people 64092570 Princess Birthday Cake 1st Birthday Cake fit for a princess- Done to match the invitation and party favors. Serves 95-100 people 67887335 Cake with matching party favors 67887334 Hello Kitty Cake A cake for a Hello Kitty themed Birthday party. Serves 25 people. 119652113 A small birthday cake for a one year old princess Everything edible..Serves 25 people.. 174666812 Circus Train with Thomas Engine Circus Train with Thomas Engine- serves 75 people 61471250 Thomas Engine Thomas Engine- Serves 24 people 61471248 Train cars 1 & 2 Train cars 1 & 2 61471249 Train cars 2 &3 Train cars 2 &3 with birthday boy's name on top 61471251 Princess themed quinceanera cake 197669217 Dora Doll Cake Dora Doll Cake- Serves 20 people 59023313 Minions Whats better than a minion? 2 minions :) 186781008 Third birthday Cake Third birthday Cake- Serves 45-50 people 51816480 Toy Story cake 96738343 The ever popular Woody again :) This time for a little cowboy turning one. Cake serves 65 people. 154586829 Giant cupcake themed Whimsical Cake Cupcake themed Topsy turvy cake . Serves 50 people. 66238290 Cars themed birthday cake Rice krispy car topper. 197669218 All Star sports themed Cake An All Star sports themed 1st birthday cake. Serves 135 people. 118213163 Cinderella Doll cake with glass shoe slipper on a pillow Cinderella Doll cake with glass shoe slipper on a pillow- Serves 40 people 51429686 Marvel Avengers Cake Represting Thor, Hulk, Iron man and Captain America. Serves 55-60 people. 169767268 Tink in her garden Another tinkerbell cake :) Serves 60 people. 95011095 A close-up 95011096 Wii console Cake Serves 20 people. Everything edible. Remotes are made of Rice krispy treats. 166722634 Super Heroes Cake A cake perfect for a super boy :) Serves about a 60 people.. 104779617 Ladybug themed cake 1st b'day cake to match the ladybug theme. Serves 50 people. 76737720 Mickey Clubhouse Cake Mickey Clubhouse Cake- Serves 30 people 59023314 1st Birthday Cake Whimiscal cake for a Princess' first birthday. Serves 100 people. 72069368 Pirate Ship Cake A cake for a pirate themed party for an adorable 6 year old. Serves 25 people 151210595 'IPhone' Cake For a little girl who loves Iphone and Taylor Swift :) Serves 10 people. 65336845 Tinkerbell Cake Tinkerbell in her tree house. Serves about 75-80 people. Everything edible besides tinkerbell. 75719218 Mickey Clubhouse Cake Mickey and friends with their clubhouse. Serves 50-55 people. 75582528 Flowers and Butterflies themed cake Flowers and Butterflies themed cake- Serves 25 people 60766434 Adorable little 1st birthday Cake An adorable cake for your adorable lil one :) Serves 30-35 people. 114693474 Finding Nemo Serves 30-35 people.. 96738344 Yo gabba gabba Cake A yo gabba cake serving 55 people. 154587454 Barbie doll cake Serves 30 people. 174750793 1st birthday cake for an underwater themed party 186781009 Ruffles bday Cake 186501814 Yo Gabba Gabba Cake Yo gabba gabba cake with edible gumpaste boombox topper.Serves about 40 people. 70714431 Topsy turvy Zebra print Cake 97789944 Hannah Montana Cake Serves 30 people 105472422 A cake fit for a princess! A cake for a little princess turning 1. Gumpaste Edible Tiara. Serves 45 people. 123432297 Diego themed Cake Three tiered Diego themed Cake. Serves 65 people. 63177107 Whimsical 1st bday Cake Whimsical 1st bday Cake- serving 40 people. 59023311 Kailan Theme Birthday Cake Kailan Theme Birthday Cake- Serves 45-50 people 59779410 Alice in wonderland Themed Cake Everything edible. Serves about 65-70 people. 98632486 Toy story cake Serves 20 people. Everything edible besides the characters. 94097942 Doll Cake Doll cake - Serves 30-35 people 67887333 Sesame Street themed Cake A birthday cake for a boy who loves Sesame streets and lottss of colors :) 99210898 Hot wheels 185795560 Woody themed Cake A cake for a little boy who's crazy about Woody :) Serves about 50 people. 101897805 A train themed cake for a little boy A cake for a train themed 1st birthday party. Serves 40 people 116772506 Thomas Cake Everything edible besides thomas train engine. Serves 40 people. 106490507 CARS themed 1st birthday cake 186501812 The pillow with glass slipper Edible gumpaste slipper 93225808 Giant cupcake theme 1st birthday cake A cute cupcake cake for a first birthday. serves 70 people. 154231375 A small adorable cake for a little princess A 10 serving cake for a little girl so she could have something of her own to cut on her brother's birthday :) 101141460 197963651 Sesame Street Cake For an adorable girl who loves Sesame Street and Elmo :) Serves 40 people 102898563 A colorful Chevron Minnie Mouse Cake 197507995 A fairy themed birthday 197963650 Optimus prime in truck form Serves 20,25 people. 101141459 Another Woody themed Cake- -this time with a cowboy hat as the third tier. Serves about 65 people. 115343262 Buuterfly and Flowers First birthday cake for a butterflies n flowers themed party. Serves 40 people 151799861 Spongebob themed Cake Who lives in a pineapple under the sea... Serves a 100 people 101141461 A cake fit for a li'l Princess Cake for a princess themed birthday party.. Serves about 80 people. Handmade edible tiara. 112099471 Princess Cake again :) Ever since I first made this design, this has become the most popular one for little princesses :) 153601133 Play station 3 Cake Play station 3 cake -serves 20 people. 120973854 Cinderella theme cake A repeat of an earlier cake-This time with a dark haired Cinderella cuz the birthday princess is a brunette :) 93225807 Another Dora Doll Cake :) Dora is the most popular characters amongst little girls these days it seems :) Serves 20 people.. 102898310 Dora Backpack- Dora Backpack- Serves 15 people 51429079 Football Cake For a football fan :) Serves 15 people 101897804