Baby Shower Cakes Baby Shower Cakes Butterfly themed baby shower cake A cake for a butterfly themed baby shower. Serves 50-60 people. Gumpaste booties. 166722635 Gumpaste booties A close up of the gumpaste booties 166722636 Diaper bag cake Everything edible :) 200417442 Baby Shower Cake Baby shower cake designed like a Huggies diaper box. Everything edible from diapers to rattle to pacifier to baby keys. Serves 40-45 people. Complete with the bar code and the logo at the back. 68841453 Cute baby shower Cake One of the most requested design for baby showers. This will surely bring a smile on the face of mom-to-be :) 153601132 Baby in a crib- Baby Shower cake Baby shower cake. Buttercream covered chocolate cake. Gumpaste Crib and chest of drawers. Fondant baby,rug and lamp. 53506207 Gumpaste Crib Gumpaste crib with fondant baby and blanket. 53504087 For an Indian themed baby shower 203069799 Twinkle toes baby shower cake This cake serves about 45-50 people. Gumpaste maryjanes. 161468669 Boy Baby shower cake Edible booties. 191881669 Up,up and Away :) A baby shower cake to serve 50 guests. 175550451 Twinkle twinkle little star baby shower Edible gumpaste crib. 195984306 Baby shower 2 tiered cake Baby shower 2 tiered cake- Serves 40 people 55262954 Gumpaste Booties Gumpaste Booties 55262956 Dr. Seuss themed baby shower cake Serves 40 people. 163495771 'Clothesline' themed baby shower Cake Serves 40-45 people 121756978 Gift box baby shower Cake Serves about 30 people. 125871575 Rock Star baby shower Baby shower cake for a rock star themed shower. Cake made to match the color and theme of the invitation. Serves 30 people. 110623192 Baby butt baby shower cake Another baby shower cake similar to the one I made earlier. Serves 30 people. Everything edible 125027069 Baby shower with gumpaste carriage topper Baby shower with gumpaste carriage topper- Serves 35-40 people 56083168