Grown-up's Cakes Grown-up's Cakes Chanel Shoe box Cake A chanel shoe box cake that serves 20 people. Gumpaste edible shoe and pearls. 116772504 Close up of the shoe Gumpaste shoe 116772505 Graduation cake A graduation cake to serve 100 people. Gumpaste roses. The building silhouette depicts the degree in civil engineering. 157549556 Close up of gumpaste roses 157549557 50th birthday cake A classy white and gold cake to celebrate the 50th birthday of both the husband and wife. 157549555 Tiffany Inspired Cakes Tiffany Gift boxes with a shopping bag. Everything edible from bows to tissue paper to pearl necklace. Serves 70 people. 62200530 176809537 Casino Themed Cake This cake was ordered by a wife for her husband's 30th birthday. Serves 30 people. 106490506 Blue damask birthday cake A small birthday cake with damask, pearls and flowers. Serves 20 people 157549554 Wine Bottle Cake Sculpted wine bottle cake. About a foot tall and serves 15 -20 people. This was used as the topper cake for a cupcake tower. 104779616 Betsey Johnson themed Cake Cake for a Betsey Johnson theme party with edible gold sequin shoe. 93225809 A close up of the shoe.. Edible gumpaste shoe with gold sequins. 93225810 Flirty Thirty :) Serves 25-30 people 175401883 Cheetah print Cake A last minute order...Cheetah print was hand painted with edible colors. Gumpaste edible stiletto. Serves 15 people. 103635788 Masquerade themed Cake For a Masquerade themed 16th bday party. Serves 100 people 121756121 A 25th birthday Cake For a special girl's 25th :) Serves 50 people 176657545 Wine bottle CaKe All edible- Serves 20 people 101897803 Sweet Sixteen Cake Sweet Sixteen Cake- 3 tiered ;serves 50-60 people 59672770 Black and white themed 40th bday cake This is for a surprise 40th birthday party that a sweet wife threw for her husband. The theme was black and white. This serves 40 people. 156132677 A Casino themed 21st birthday 197669446 A 50th birthday Cake A two tiered elegant cake for a 50 year young. Edible gold crown. 101141462 Fit for a fashionista! Louis vuitton- check Burberry -check Chanel - check Jimmy choo-check Tiffany- Check One lucky girl- check,check :) Serves 20 people. 175401882 Birthday Cake for your beloved Birthday Cake for your loved one- Serves 5-8 people 62643849 Valentines Day Cake Valentines Day Cake- Serves 10 people 59780557 Chanel Purse Cake A cake for an aspiring fashion designer ordered by her sweet friend. Serves about 10-12 people. 105022193 50th Birthday Cake A 50th birthday cake ordered by a daughter for her beautiful mom. Inspired by pinkcakebox design. Serves 65 people. 125027070 Sweet sixteen cake Serves 30 people.. 73318199 Sweet Sixteen Cake Another sweet sixteen cake :) This time the colors were purple,black and silver. This cakes serves about a 30 people. 106490508 SF Giants Baseball cap Serves 15 people 155272418 Sweet Sixteen Cake The birthday girl just wanted it simple and turquoise and burgundy are her favorite colors :) I spiced it up with a silver bow and topper. 103887929