Wedding Cakes Wedding Cakes Ivory wedding cake with cascading gumpaste flowers 196847904 Ivory and Gold Wedding Cake A slight variation of my earlier design... This one serves 200 people. Fresh flowers and Gold stenciling.. 170061915 Lace, pearls and gumpaste peonies :) 198963595 Black and White damask cake Serves 150 people. Swarovski Monogram. Fresh flowers were used for the topper. 179509693 Cascading Petals wedding cake Serves 150 people. Gumpaste petals and rose. 178603036 202583903 Cherry blossom themed wedding cake 197963435 Blooming petals wedding cake 198286257 203943139 201983288 Frankie goes glam! :) For the most fun loving couple who wanted to tie two themes together. Romance and Frankenstein :) 184784717 Drapes and Roses Wedding cake For a lovely couple who wanted to incorporate the drapes on the cake. The roses are hand made and edible. Serves 120 people 165710742 Silver and White wedding cake with fondant ruffles 195597391 Ivory and chocolate contemporary wedding cake Serves 100 people 185626687 200287507 Purple and gold wedding cake with fresh flowers 198348583 Ivory lace wedding cake Serves 200 people. Everything edible. 179941587 200287506 Wedding cake A repeat of my earlier design. This time in purple and pink. 187840910 A 6 tiered wedding cake with all hand made gumpaste roses 196202482 Ivory and Orange Wedding cake A 5 tiered wedding cake in shades of ivory and orange.Drapes,Royal icing stenciling and gumpaste edible flowers. 161945795 Cake tower A cake tower with 74 mini cakes 191041211 Square wedding cakeServes 100 people. 191283566 Lilac and ivory wedding cake Serves 150 people... Edible flowers and Royal Icing damask stenciling. 169739906 A beach themed wedding cake Serves 100 people..Everything edible. 191881210 Great Gatsby theme Wedding cake Serves 100 people. 189543763 Textured Fondant cake Serves 200 people. Fresh flowers used. 195218779 Ivory Damask Cake Ivory on ivory damask with fresh flowers. Serves 200 people 184328514 A repeat of my earlier design with slightly different color scheme 191041210 Woodgrain wedding cake For a couple who love nature and camping :) Serves 110 people 165710741 Wedding cake with brush embroidery and gumpaste roses 192745947 186063801 196431468 Upside down wedding cake with edible gold cake lace and fresh flowers. 200590260 Ruffles and pearls 199573504 with silver edible sequins and gum paste peony 200816598 With edible gold leaf and gum paste flowers 200816600 196431467 Simple wedding cake with silver piping ad fresh flowers 197963434 Wedding dessert Table 192745949 Close up of the first cake- Ombre ruffled cake with gumpaste peonies 192745950 Mint ombre cake with gumpaste fantasy flower 192745951 Lace wedding cake 192745952 Cupcake tower Cupcake towers are all the rage these days especially for Weddings. The topper is a foot tall sculpted Wine bottle Cake. 200 cupcakes with grapes piped on them. 167849518 201983283 201983284 203941538 203941539 203941540 201983281 Damask cake with pearl finish and fresh flowers added. 185322189 192745948 A small beach themed wedding Everything edible 195984283 201983282 201983289 202583902 202583901 Glitz and glamor 198286256 Square navy and gold wedding cake 197508045 200816599 196642053 195852213 Mixed Shapes Wedding cake 198963597 Bling, bling :) Serves 100 people.. Fresh flowers used for the cake. 185322116 Damask Wedding cake This was done for a cake class I attended at Baking arts, SF 177885453 200616156 195832820 White wedding cakes with fresh flowers 197508047 Simple wedding cake with rhinestones 198963596 All white wedding cake with damask and piped scrolls 195597390 Damask square wedding cake Serves a 100 people. Gumpaste fantasy flowers 171363545 With the topper The topper was handmade by the bride and groom...How cute is that :) ! 169739908 Vintage wedding cake Serves a 100 people 167645998 Ivory and Gold Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake A Topsy Turvy wedding cake in ivory and gold. Serves 70 people. 113822904 A cowboy themed engagement party :) Serves 30 people 177885452 Wedding cake for world travelers :) 185786527 Black and white themed Wedding Cake For a small intimate wedding..Serves 50-60 people. 161729721